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What is retinEdge?

retinEdge is an Artificial Intelligence based medical diagnostic software for identifying diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases.

Its a tool to help in diagnostics easily, non-intrusively & instantaneously. 

Asian woman getting an eye check up

Diabetic Retinopathy .. leading cause of vision loss

  • Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is an eye disease caused by diabetes.

  • 537 Million people are at risk. DR is a  $6.7 Billion market in 2022, growing to $13.8 Billion by 2030.

  • Currently only Ophthalmologists can diagnose DR with retinal (fundus) images. But most people don’t have access to Ophthalmologists.

  • If DR goes undetected and patients could lose eyesight.


retinEdge: the Solution

  • Artificial Intelligence software solution.

  • With retinEdge even a non-expert can detect diabetic retinopathy (DR). 

  • Any one can drag & drop eye retinal image onto retinEdge and our AI can detect DR instantaneously. Patient’s condition can be graded.

  • It's easy to use, non-intrusive tech. Patient can be referred to an ophthalmologist if required.

  • It runs on mobile, laptop and/or cloud. It can be integrated with hospital management systems/electronic health records.

Medical Worker

Available soon as a software as service to hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, and others. Contact us to know about its availability in your region. 

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